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This Get you right selfcare kit will get your skin together .


This kit features Turmeric facial bar, turmeric jelly facial mask, facial serum - choices include dry, hyperpigmentation,normal skin serum oils. dark spots be gone faical mask, exfoliating gloves, mask gloves, facial toner. 


Remember It takes almost 28 years for skin cells to turn over which means almost all products require atleast 1 -2 months of use to see results. Once you use Dearley products 4-8 weeks, your skin will regain a normal balance. Within 60-90 you should see visable improvements please stay consistent. 


Also remember your skin may get temporarily worse using a new product before it gets better and clearer. The products purguing the clogged pores and cleaning them out. 


Consistency is the KEY!

Get Me Right - Skincare Kit

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