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This Kit will include extreme hair growth products that will include special saturated herbs. Extreme Hair Growth oil - thickens and adds volume to hair, strengths and repairs dry, brittle and damaged hair, produce rapid hair growth, treats dry and itchy scalp, encourages healthy growth of brows, lashes, edges. ( PLEASE BE CONSISTENT CONSISTENCY IS THE Ultimate key to growing your hair correctly & healthy. Detox Scalp Bar - Removes product build up its a must sometimes hair will not grow to way too much product buildup in scalp. Exfoliate  dead skin cells, treats scalp acne, unclogs hair follicles to help with healthy hair growth, improves scalp circulation bringing nutrients and oxygen to the hair root, helps regenerate hair cells. Scalp Relief spray - made with aloe Vera juice plenty of herbs & growing oils the herbs will be drained from the spray this spray will take weeks to prepare. Will promote growth, stops flaking, controls eczema, soothes irritation, controls dandruff, relives itching. ( BE CONSISTENT! This may be used daily )Silky conditioner - Perfect use for after using our detox bar this will be a rinse out conditioner. ( Rinse out with cool water for best results ) Chebe butter - Now we all know the amazing benefits of the Chebe butter and the hype we promote about it our website and our reviews this gives you a extra boost of growth when using your oil these may be used together with no issue and will cause absolutely no build up. Remain CONSISTENT very important.How to use : We suggest you start with your detox bar let the detox bar sit for 15-20 with plastic cap or bonnet we would suggest even apply a few drops of oil to scalp and massaging in your scalp.Rinse of the bar & oil apply your conditioner rinse with cool water then begin to apply your hair oil & Chebe butter. You may apply your hair spray before or after applying oil it’s definitely any preference you would prefer no way is incorrect. We just want you to remain extremely consistent! You will see the growth scalp itching during this process is extremely normal. If you experience this use your spray to help with itching your scalp is working magic let it work.

Extreme Hair Growth Kit

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