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Chebe Hair Butter


How to apply: Apply a pea sized amount to damp or dry hair, spread through hair until it has fully absorbed. chebe butter can be applied on both scalp and hair.BENEFITS: it aids length retention Keeps the hair moisturize and soft. It prevents shedding and hair thinning. Works for locs,alopecia and edges.


Can be a daily use for amazing results I would apply daily or every few days. Chebe butter includes many amazing ingredients doesn’t cause any build up in your hair keeps your hair extremely moist and soft.This Chebe butter will last you a while be consistent with use. Can Available in 4oz and 8oz jars.

Chebe Hair Butter 8oz

  • Do not place above 76 degrees product could melt if this happens place chebe butter in a cool temperature product will form back to normal.

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