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Clay Liquid Detox

Clay Liquid Detox


This Hair Detox - Cleans scalp Do you suffer from Hair growth and have tried so a many products and don't understand why your hair isn't growing well it could be that your scalp is dirty and your hair follicles are blocked by the dirt and build up causing your hair not to properly grow. This is why we came out the detox to help clean and clear your scalp!


This detox will rebalance your scalp, it will get rid of suffocating buildup while nourishing the scalp. It will also stimulate hair follicles allowing for hair growth and clears the scalp of dandruff, acne, and scabbing. You will not be disappointed and your hair will start to grow and your scalp will also be healthy! BE CONSISTENT!


We recommend that you wash your hair with this detox weekly let the detox sit under bonnet for 20-30 minute's then rinse out with cool water. Those that are suffering from buildup, acne, dry scalp and scabbing Then proceed to use this detox monthly or twice a month.


Ingredients: Hot aquatic, bicarbonate, saindhava lavana, balsamic, karkar oil, Azadirachta, lavender, copra.


How apply: Take amounts of your choice in hand massage detox into scalp you may use a brush or exfoliating scrub ( We have a Himalayan salt one that would be great ) this will help buff away dead skin cells, unclog pore and your scalp, and clear product buildup from hair follicles.


Available in 16oz!

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    This product may be left out of may stay in Refrigerator its your preference.

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