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Chebe & Moringa Deep Conditioner

Chebe & Moringa Deep Conditioner


This deep conditioner smells amazing keeps your hair moist, smooth and shining after a great deep conditioning.


Ingredients: copra oil, nectar, Chebe, moringa, grape oil, castor oil, kernel butter, Alma, Argan oil, Greek clover, butyrospermum.


How to apply: Always shampoo hair first or co-wash, apply conditioner starting at the ends and work toward the scalp. Don’t apply to much you don’t need much, Rinse the conditioner off with cold or cool water. When hair needs extra love you may even sleep with conditioner in your hair overnight and rinse out the next morning.


Available in 4oz & 8oz Always rinse out with cold or cool water for amazing results!

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    Do not place product above 76 degrees product could melt if this happens place product in a cool temperature product will form back to normal.

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